Writing: discussion essay on language teaching.

This essay is about teaching a foreign language with new technologies, like: E-learning Platform, Content and Language Integrated Learning and Information Communication Technology.

The benefits of introducing a foreign language are numerous. For example: the children start to enter in a new world of knowledge through new technologies. At the same time they are learning a foreign language. Research prove that students who learn new topics with visual learning get better skills.

Therefore, when they reach the Primary level students will be familiar with the foreign language that they have been taught in prenous years.

That’s why the teacher should teach in a funny way: short and funny songs, with known stories in the foreign language or with English Educational games. And all of this could be taught during any activity. For example: If the week’s topic is “wild animals” we can find English songs or an English story about “wild animals”. Children can also go to the computer room to use a computer to find activities on their week’s topic in different languages.

Finally my briefly opinion is that using new technologies to learn a foreign language is appropiate although you need to care more about the child’s development: their needs, motivations, rhythm... Because, as we know, every child is different. And therefore all students learn at a different pace. Don’t you think so?