Writing: discussion essay on education

To do this essay we should choose one topic: write about which age is the best to finish compulsory education or what I think about the Government's plan to introduce laptops in classrooms. Between this two options I choose to write about which age is the best to finish compulsory education. Nowadays, in Spain, students have the possibility of finishing their studies at the age of sixteen, that is to say finallize their formaly education after completing the obligatory stage or before reaching this age.

For this I believe that compulsory education should be until the age of eighteen. Because in this way they would have the chance of making their studies longer and the probability of finding a better qualified job increases. With this new change the obligatory stage will be longer and the students will end up with better knowledge. In other words, finishing at a later age means that students are more matture therefore can make better decissions about their future.

But all of the pupils don’t have the same interests, so it isn’t fair that all of them have to course Bachillerato. For this reason there should be able to choose between two options, for example: course Bachillerato or a training course (Modulo de Grado Superior).

In my opinion this is a successful change, because they are our future in this society, so they need to have as many facilities as possible for nowadays life. A good education is the one, that lets the student choose his own way within limits. Don’t you think?